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 Six Pack Abs Workout

Truth About Six Pack Abs by Mike Geary

This article will summarize the main points and strategies that is used in the highly popular abdominal and fat loss program called:

It is a full body training and balanced nutrition guide to help you achieve your goal to burn tummy fat.

Once you understand its strategy for burning fat, and use its techniques regularly, you will soon be showing off your ripped abs. You will not only look great, but feel great as well.

So, what makes this six pack abs workout strategy different?

Focus On An Effective Whole Body Training Routine

This program does not focus on abs exercises that are specific to your ab muscles. Actually, you will get better results by not focusing on ab exercises.

Don’t get me wrong. Ab exercises do tone and strengthen your abdominal muscles, but they should not be your main focus when trying to burn belly fat. Ab exercises don’t burn stomach fat.

To burn away fat from your abs, you need an effective whole body training routine that maximizes both your metabolic response and hormonal response to your workouts. That is why a full body training routine is the primary focus of this six pack abs workout program.

This program does show you the best exercises for developing your abdominals, including detailed instructions and photos. However, the primary focus of the program is Mike Geary’s method to compile the bull body training routines, which will maximize your fat burning ability.

That is what makes this program so effective in getting rid of belly fat and showing off your abdominal muscles.

Try Interval Training For A More Effective Aerobic Workout

This program stresses that interval training is more effective than your typical boring cardio workout.

In case that you may be wondering, interval training is a workout where you alternate bursts of intense activity with periods of lighter activity. Recent research has shown that steady-pace cardio workouts is less effective at strengthening the heart and less effective at reducing body fat than interval training.

This six pack abs workout program uses a special exercise ombination and sequencing to obtain more powerful fat loss and muscle defining results than your standard interval training. So the combination of interval training with this specially designed sequencing makes for a highly effective fat loss program.

Focus On Proper Nutrition Using Real Food Rather Than “Fat-Loss” Pills And Supplements

Most of the supplements and magic pills simply don’t work. Stop looking for that dream in a pill. However, it is your money to waste, if that is what you want to do.

There are some like whey protein that can be beneficial to add to your after exercise smoothie. But, real food is always better for you than processed supplements.

If you want to stay lean and healthy for life, spend your money on a comprehensive training and nutrition guide like “The Truth About Six Pack Abs” program by Mike Geary. The only thing that supplements will give you is expensive urine.

No Weird “Ab Machines” or “Ab Gadgets” Used Here

These things are pretty much a waste of your money.

They are also less effective at strengthening your ab muscles than the best floor, hanging and standing ab workouts. They also do nothing to help you burn belly fat.

I can’t stress enough that losing that stomach fat can only be accomplished with a well designed nutritional and progression training program that increases your metabolism and stimulates your fat burning hormones. This is the type of secret that you will find in “The Truth About Six Packs Abs” by Mike

No Fad Diets Here

This program shows you how to start eating balanced and healthy meals that eliminate cravings altogether. It is actually a nutritious meal plan that will help you burn off that belly fat, and help you feel energetic each day.

So, this six pack abs workout program is all about a well designed nutrition and workout program that will help you develop lean muscle, and burn off that stubborn fat for life. It is a way of living that will help you become healthier, and live a more active life.

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Truth About Six Pack Abs by Mike Geary

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