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Mike Geary Review

mike gearyHello everyone and welcome to the Mike Geary review.

Mike Geary is the real deal. As a Certified Nutrition Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer Mike has written “ The Truth About Six Pack Abs “ based on
sound research and years of personal experience.

Mike’s approach to burning tummy fat and develop lean muscle combines both nutrition and exercise strategies. His strategies do not use magic pills and strange ab gadgets. Instead, Mike’s method uses sound nutrition and full body workout advice.

And the proof is the thousands of results that Mike has seen with his own clients. His techniques work for both adult women and men of all ages. Yes, his techniques work with both genders. With over 10 years of testing experience, over 60% of his successful trainees have been women.

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The Mike Geary Review makes it clear that you don’t have to do every exercise in the book to get the results that you seek. Mike gives plenty of exercise options to develop that lean body that you desire. He gives you plenty of examples for gym based exercises, home workouts and body weight only workouts.

You might get the best results at a gym or with a well equipped home gym. However, Mike makes it clear that you don’t need any machines. It would help,
however, to have a stability ball and a set of dumbbells. I personally use dumbbells in place of bar bells with good results.

Even if you have no dumbbells to work with, Mike states that you can get excellent results with his body weight only exercise examples.

Mike is also very honest in letting you know that you need to apply both the physical training strategies and nutrition strategies to make this program work for you. Mike doesn’t use fad diets or supplements in his nutrition recommendations. He uses real but healthy food choices to help you burn that tummy fat.

Truth About Six Pack Abs is an abs lifestyle that tackles changes in your mindset, exercise style and the way that you view your food choices.

Mike also makes it clear that there are no quick fixes in developing six pack abs. However, lean abs are attainable for most people if you have the right mindset, follow sound training advice and have a healthy diet that promotes fat loss.

The one thing that I really like about this book is the attention to whole body workouts. Ab specific exercises will tone ab muscles; however, they don’t burn tummy fat. In fact, they may actually make your tummy bigger.

Full body workouts, on the other hand, indirectly work your abdominals while also increasing your metabolic rate to help you burn fat.

The Mike Geary Review gives “ The Truth About Six Pack Abs “ five stars. I highly recommend this book if you are serious about developing a leaner, healthier body and lifestyle. If you follow Mike’s advice, you will have that lean body for a lifetime.

mike geary

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