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I Want To Lose Weight

Truth About Six Pack Abs by Mike Geary

This is actually the most important step in achieving your goal of losing weight. Having the inner desire or motivation to lose weight is the first and necessary step in improving your health and physical appearance.

You also need to know that the fourth to eighth week of any weight lose program is a critical time for success or failure in the quest to lose weight.

Studies have shown that those who can maintain their motivation to lose weight during this critical period were more likely to actually lose weight by the end of the program. Also, those who were able to maintain their feeling of self-control were more successful at losing weight than those who relied on pressure groups.

Steps that you can take to help you maintain your motivation are

  • Keep reminding yourself why you want to lose weight
  • Think about what losing weight will give you in return
  • Think of your goal to lose weight in positive terms rather than negative ones.

Staying positive, staying focused and having a strong feeling of self-control will help you maintain your motivation to lose weight.

Remember, I want to lose weight.

Nutrition And Diet

Your dietary habits are the next important aspect of being able to lose weight.

First you have to convince yourself to stay away from junk foods and refined sugars and carbohydrates. These foods are probably the biggest reason for failure to lose weight. Examples of these types of bad foods are white bread, low fiber cereals, candies and most high sugar foods.

Examples of some of the good foods are whole unrefined grains, sweet potatoes, beans, barley, steel cut oats, unprocessed fruits and vegetables and high fiber carbohydrates. A good place to look for the good nutritional foods is in the fresh produce section of the grocery store.

Nuts and seeds are also great foods to have in your meal plan. They provide needed minerals and essential oils for good nutrition. My favorite seeds are sesame, pumpkin, ground flax seed, chia and hemp. For oil, extra virgin olive oil is the best to use on salads.

Some studies have also shown that eating 5 or 6 mini or small meals throughout the day rather than a few large meals helps some people to lose extra pounds. Just make sure that the mini meals truly are small portion meals.

Full Body Exercise

Exercise is the next important aspect of losing weight.

When doing aerobic exercise, try interval training. Interval training is when you alternate between low intensity slow speed and high intensity fast speed periods in your workout. For example, alternating between walking at 4 mph for 1.5 minutes and running at 6 mph for 1 minute during a 20 minute workout is interval training.

Studies have shown that you can lose weight and get into shape faster with interval training in contrast to a steady speed and intensity workout.

Strength training should involve full body workouts rather than single muscle exercises. The more muscles that you are using, and the more joints that you
are bending in your workout, the better.

Full body workouts will develop more lean muscle and burn more fat than single muscle exercises.

These are the three key aspects of losing weight

  • Motivation
  • Diet
  • Full Body Exercise

Keep reminding yourself of your goal. I want to lose weight.

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