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Hoodia For Weight Loss – Miracle Pill Or Waste Of Money?

Truth About Six Pack Abs by Mike Geary

The bottom line is that there is little scientific evidence that it helps anyone lose weight and burn tummy fat. There have been a few small studies that suggest that it might act as a mild appetite suppressant, but the results are not conclusive.

Another problem is that some of the product sold as Hoodia is not Hoodia at all. Hoodia is a succulent plant that is native to the Kalahari Desert in South Africa. It has been used by the bushmen of that region as an appetite suppressant during long hunting trips.

However, it is a slow growing plant that grows in this one desert, and sales of Hoodia are actually larger than the amount grown. So, it is probable that any Hoodia that you buy may not be Hoodia.

Many of us are attracted to a possible wonder drug that will allow us to take a pill and lose tons of weight while sitting around. Let’s be honest with ourselves. Losing weight and staying healthy long term requires effort and a good diet. It always has, and probably always will.

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Well, back to the Hoodia For Weight Loss discussion.

Even if Hoodia is a good appetite suppressant, is suppressing your hungry really a good thing?

You may actually be depriving your body of necessary nutrients to function properly and maintain lean muscle mass.

It is a properly functioning body with lean muscle mass that properly regulates your metabolic rate. If you did lose weight with appetite suppression, it would not be good weight loss. You would lose muscle and end up with a slower metabolic rate, which would lead to excess fat gain in the future.

There really is no good substitute for a balanced diet in healthy proportions and a good exercise routine.
In its natural form in the Kalahari Desert, Hoodia may act as an appetite suppressant. Even if you could get the real thing, there is currently no scientific evidence that the small doses that you get in a bottle of this product will cause any weight loss in humans.

So using Hoodia for weight loss has these problems:

  • You may not even be buying the real product since it has limited worldwide supply.
  • Even if the product that you buy is real, there is no evidence that the small dose that you receive is enough to curb your appetite.
  • Also, there is no evidence that it will result in long term weight loss.

So, it is unlikely that this product will provide you with long lasting weight loss.

There are no miracles in a pill.

If you truly want to be healthy and lean, it requires real exercise and a well balanced diet in appropriate proportions. It requires a healthy way of life for a lifetime. There are no substitutes, but there are a bunch of scams that would like your money.

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